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Helen Jens

Thinking about selling your property in Kyneton?

Why not sell now?

There have been so many words spoken and written about the property market. First it’s going up, then going down – it’s enough to make you dizzy! For my clients all of these words add to the difficulties, anxieties and the stress already experienced in buying or selling property in Kyneton.

In my work as a real estate agent I am constantly asked the following questions:

  • Has the market dropped?
  • How much has it dropped?
  • What is going to happen to the market?
  • Is this the right time to sell or buy?

All in all (from one cliché to another) how long is a piece of string? And the answer is no one knows.

The really important issue for people on the threshold of buying or selling property in Kyneton is “is it the right time for me?”

There are many things to be considered within this:

  • Why am I selling and how quickly do I want to sell?
  • Am I buying and selling within the same market?
  • Do I think the market is going to go up enough in the near future where holding off selling makes sense?
  • What does selling now as opposed to selling later mean to me, financially, lifestyle, work etc.?

As a real estate agent specialising in Kyneton, I am finding that properties are selling if they are marketed and priced correctly – and this means not too high to scare people off and not too low, so that it is not a bargain.

If you want to move – just do it. Simply contact us if you are interested in selling your Kyneton property and we will guide you through the entire process.