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Helen Jens

Paul and Bernadette

Helen listened to what we had to say, gave her thoughts, and probably more importantly, gave us the time to consider things before she contacted us again. Another discussion, at the end of which we decided to go with your company in the pursuit of a sale.

Helen did not promise things she could not deliver, but she gave us straight-forward thoughts and didn’t treat us like idiots. We are both professionals, and I suppose we have both dealt with individuals in discussions where they give the impression that they listen, but they are really waiting for the opportunity to launch into their “spiel”. Helen did not do that, and once we made the decision to put the house on the market, she followed up the ‘talk’ with the ‘walk’. She didn’t promise us anything that she couldn’t provide, but if I was in a management position with PRD, Helen is the type of person I would value.

We are pleased to provide this testimonial.